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Retail Odyssey: Retail Data Collector

The following information was provided by Retail Odyssey
What will I be doing?
As a Retail Odyssey Associate, you will help collect information at the store level that allows for future promotional planning by:
  • Scanning unique UPCs of items on display in a variety of locations throughout the store
  • Designating the display location for each item
  • Operationally scanning the items in an efficient manner by scanning the same route each week for accuracy
  • Completing the display scans in a timely manner within the allotted timeframe for each store
Associate Skills Needed:
Don’t worry! We will teach you all the things you need to know!
  • Ability to absorb training material via training videos and handouts to execute the display scans accurately in store
  • Ability to communicate effectively with team members and clients
  • Ability to problem solve when faced with a unique display by utilizing training materials and/or personnel resources
Smartphone is required to complete all work.
Job Requirements:
  • Reliable transportation
  • Mobile device requirements
  • Android: Minimum software requirements is Android 8.0 and higher.
  • IOS/Apple: Minimum software requirements is iOS 12.
  • Camera: Minimum requirements is 12 Megapixel and higher.
  • Hard worker who likes to have fun!
To Apply: Contact Marcus Singleton | | 310-884-4669

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