Business Services


With multiple business services teams dedicated to supporting the success of companies of all sizes across the region, local businesses have convenient access to a wide range of no-cost solutions designed to lower costs, save time, and drive profitability.

Human Resource Support

Business services teams are ready to expand your HR capacity and reduce your hiring and staffing expenses with a range of no-cost services including recruitment, compensation strategies, recruitment campaigns, job postings, and applicant screening.. We’ll help simplify and streamline the recruitment process, saving you substantial money in the process.

Training and Skills Upgrade

Business services teams work closely with you to identify your labor gaps as well as emerging skills needs, then work with partners to develop customized and subsidized training programs to address them. From training new employees to upgrading the skills of current employees, business services teams are ready to help you build a competitive workforce for today’s global market.

Labor Market Data

Access no-cost real-time labor market data to help you make more informed, strategic decisions for your current and future workforce. You’ll find centralized regionwide data in one location, as well as information specific to your area and industry. View data.

Layoff Avoidance

Engage and retain your valued employees to reduce your recruitment and hiring costs. Business services teams will help you develop and implement retention strategies that empower your people to be more productive, engaged, and innovative.

Financial Assistance

Business services teams can help connect you to incentives, tax credits, loan opportunities, and other resources to help finance your growth, build your workforce, and lower your costs.

Outplacement Services

Business services include regionwide rapid response teams that bring together the resources and expertise of workforce professionals, the Employment Development Department, educational partners, and community-based organizations. Teams quickly reach out to businesses at risk of layoffs, downsizing, and closures to minimize the impact on employers and workers alike, and help employees transition to new careers.


Contact the business services team near you to learn more about business support and solutions.

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